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Tatlısu operates hotel laundries in an efficient and efficient manner, with the aim of improving the existing systems and/or making new investments for the needs of laundry and linen.
Success of the system;

• Selection of appropriate capacity and equipment during the investment phase
• Efficient workflow programming
• Use of high quality materials (textile, chemical, water, equipment)
• Purchasing advantages
• Trained staff
The current situation and needs of the hotel is determined with the feasibility studies. For the demand of the hotel, either one of the business model were selected. In the first model which we call ‘the textile included model’ all the linen is provided by Tatlısu along with the washing, dry cleaning and ironing services while in the second model, ‘the textile excluded model’, Tatlısu only provides the washing, dry cleaning and ironing services. We conduct the investments needed for the either model.
• Cost-free textile investment
The needed linens (towels, sheets, tablecloths, etc.) in the desired quality and the number are obtained and provided to the hotels free of charge in return for the operation of the hotel laundry. This system saves hotels from textile investment costs and eliminates the depreciation burden.
• Cost-free machinery and equipment investment
Provides the machinery and equipment suitable for the laundry capacity of the hotel and undertakes the repair and maintenance costs.
• Free investment for uniform

Contribution of the system to the operation:
• Savings: Provides minimum 30% savings over current costs with its own operating techniques developed by 30 years of business experience (textile, machinery, personnel, energy, management, etc.)
• Fixed Cost: Cost increases from unexpected repairs, maintenance costs or possible increases in other costs are eliminated.
• Financing: Decreases in costs, procurement advantages, and free textile investment/renewals.
• Workload Reduction: Reduction of the workload of housekeeping, technical, procurement, accounting, human resources departments.
• Service Standards: Continuity in high quality and service standards

In this system;
Production Expenses: All establishment costs of laundry are covered by the operating company.
* Labor costs
* Energy costs
* Chemical consumables costs
* Laundry equipment repair maintenance expenses
* Other Expenses: All other expenses of laundry are covered by the operator.
* Personnel uniform washing expenses

Additional Income Possibilities:
In many laundry facilities operated by our firm, with the proper capacity utilization, the idle capacity is used for additional work from outside that resulted additional income source for the hotels. In some of such hotels in this business model, laundry costs are reduced to zero.

The fact that the textile belongs to the company providing the washing services increases the confidence on the quality of the service. The ever increasing competition nowadays have prioritized the specialization in all sectors. The biggest benefits of SPECIALIZATION are the increase in the quality, reduction in cost, and the opportunity of managers to focus on core business activity without dealing with unnecessary details.
Considering all these details, a successful laundry service is an important factor in manifestation of the service quality of the hotel. Our understanding of quality and our area of ​​expertise have led us to work in cooperation with our customers on the same path.
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