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The most important distinction of our business practice is the efficiency increase of the company by the costs reduction without sacrificing service quality. Energy costs in enterprises are one of the important expenditure items. We believe that it will be a useful decision for the hotels to have the laundry operated by the professionals in order to keep the costs under control. Thus, minimizing the textile losses, monitoring the use of energy, and providing a single invoice for the expenses such as maintenance and repair of the machinery and labor provide an invaluable advantage to enterprise for the cost control and for reduction of the workload on departments (housekeeping, accounting, personnel, purchasing etc.).
” We are proud to share our knowledge
and experience gather in the sector since 1985,
with our experienced managers and trained staff. “
Since we cover the maintenance costs, sudden and unexpected maintenance costs are prevented to effect the operating budget of the enterprise. The operation of the laundry and daily washing reports are monitored individually and presented to the hotel. The fact that labor expenses are included in our service narrows the areas of responsibility of enterprises for the official institutions and personnel. Personnel related tasks and costs such as salary, insurance, compensation costs are included our service and is our responsibility.
- Save at least 30% of current costs
- Fixed cost (Elimination of unexpected repair maintenance costs or other surprise costs)
- Financial support (Free textile investment and renewal)
- Additional income opportunities (Marketing washing and dry cleaning services for external customers)
- Reduction of administrative burdens on departments (Housekeeping, Technical, Procurement, Accounting, and Human Resources departments)
- Continuous and high quality service standards
- Experienced staff recruitment and professional job training

- Laundry management services and free-of-charge machinery investment
- Laundry management services and free-of-charge textile guarantees
- Laundry services except textile
- Laundry services and free textile guarantee in Tatlısu Laundries
- Laundry services at Tatlısu Laundries except textile
All Laundry Department Expenses
• Labor costs
• Energy costs
• Chemical consumables costs
• Repair and maintenance costs
All Machinery Investment & Renewal
• Washing machines
• Drying machines
• Cylinder ironing & Dry cleaning machines
• And other machines and equipment
All Textile Investment & Renewals
• Room textiles (sheets, pillow cases, duvet covers)
• Restaurant textiles (tablecloths, covers, napkins)
• Bath towels (various sizes)
• Spa towels
• Bathrobes
Other expenses
• Uniform washing costs
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