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Founded in 1985 in Istanbul, Tatlısu created a new industry/business model that was unknown in Turkey at the time to support the tourism sector.

With the experience gained since 1985, the company has developed its own washing and dry cleaning techniques under the name of ‘Laundry Operating Systems’ and has become an important specialized company in the laundry business.

With the technical level gained, the company has achieved significant savings in energy, labor, and chemical consumable usage, and also accomplished solid improvements in washed textile quality and usage life.

Today, Tatlısu serves to the national and international hotel chains and a number of 4 or 5 star hotels in 18 different regions of our country and abroad.

Today, with the effect of increasing competition conditions in the tourism sector, commercial success is achieved not only by supply and demand balances, but also by smart savings in business management.

Tatlısu is a specialized company that provides the convenience in pre-financing conditions for the hotel operators via providing free textile and machinery, provides high quality and long service life of textile products with advanced washing techniques, and drives high costs incurred due to various reasons in the laundry business to a reasonable level.
Is to help the hotel organizations by managing the
washing costs with appropriate methods, while providing
guest satisfaction with a sense of quality service and comfort
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