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Studies are carried out to increase efficiency in our consultancy service, which is provided according to the needs of laundry operations. A neutral and professional evaluation is crucial for a laundry with a high throughput cost. Providing business-specific solutions is one of the important factors that we focus on for improving the conditions and elevating the quality. Our work starts with observation and the inadequacies and errors in the process are determined subsequently. Solutions are developed in this context and ultimately a report is prepared and presented to the enterprise.
Project and investment consultancy in the process of establishment of the laundry units are also among our business activities. With our experience we also guide enterprise regarding the laundry facility projects drawing, placement of machinery and equipment, investment costs, selection of equipment etc.

It covers staff recruiting and training services for laundries. All activities in the process of training and recruitment of qualified personnel are carried out by a disciplined work. The periodic personnel training needs of enterprises, routine trainings and other services are programmed according to the demands of the enterprises.

Laundry operation training, hygiene training, technical training are our main topics. Our operation training focuses on the correct and effective use of laundries. Control and use of working hours, personnel, energy create serious fluctuations in operating costs.
The insufficient level of technical knowledge of the laundry managers has directed us to provide training in this field. Technical problems related to the machines, technical information about machines, etc. covers the training of relevant personnel. The training covers the possible technical problems encountered from the starting point of the services to the end point in the laundry operations along with the technical information about the machines for the relevant personnel.

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