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Laundry business is emerging and expending in recent years as a separate service sector. Operating in the field of laundry business, we acquired a new perspective in the sector regarding the laundry standards based on our extensive experience accumulated over the years. Believing that laundry management is a separate industrial area and should be perceived with a professional approach, we are not only focusing on the ‘business’ aspect, but also comprehensively considering all the components such as the staff, the equipment, the consumables, and other elements.

With this perspective, we do not limit our scope only to laundry management but take into account all the factors that a laundry operates with while serving our customers.
Performing business in the field of laundry management since 1985, Tatlısu is managing the laundry facilities for hotels, motels, holiday villages, and resorts and aims to provide a high quality service, 100% customer satisfaction, and lower costs to its customers. Tatlısu acts as a strategic business partner to the customers it serves, and is proud to share its experiences with you.
Çamaşırhane Makine Ekipman
In addition to providing consulting regarding the feasibility and procurement of the machinery equipment needed for laundry of the enterprise, investments of the equipment are executed within the scope and conditions specified in the contracted projects. This machinery equipment is used in the enterprise for the duration of the contract and it remains in operation at the end of the contract with a nominal value.
Otel Tekstili
We provide textile renting services according to the needs of the company in addition to washing services and the production and sale of special textile mainly for hotel rooms, restaurants, beach, and spas. Customer-specific textile standards are determined for each enterprise by our company and supplied by the affiliated manufacturers.
Being in operation in the textile washing and cleaning sector for many years, Tatlısu provides consultancy services to the newly established laundries and to the enterprises that already have laundry facilities in terms of planning, planning, investment, management and employment.
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